What makes you happy?

It is a million-dollar question? Everyone scramble to know what makes you and me happy. We all strive hard to be happy.

One of the famous answers is money. We cant completely reject the answer as it makes people happy. If you buy a new iPhone with the money you earn then it will make you happy or a brand new home. It did make you happy.

But if you think about a one-year-old baby, he or she doesn’t even hear about money and be happy when he/she saw the mom's face. So money is not the reason for happiness.

Let's take another answer. Will you be happy if you are the president of your country or the CEO of your company or own a successful business? It will make you happy to enjoy the luxuries and benefits you inhered from the position.

What will happen after the CEO retires from his or her work? or what will happen when the leader of the country is old and transfer the button to the next in line. The power you have now is not going to keep you happy always.

So what can make us happy always? Here are some clues. I have more than 36000 of it and it is more than 640GB of day.

What is it? Yes, I am talking about the photos and videos which are collected for the past 40+ years.

Some of you got their light bulb glows once you heard about the photos and videos which you collecting for decades.

To be exact, the photos and videos are not the exact reason for your happiness. It is the memories it triggers in your mind and soul. It helps to relive the day again and feel the same or similar pleasure we had on that day.

You can relive your wedding day or your kid's graduation or your grandkid's sports event through the photos and videos you collected even on the last day of your life on your death bed.

Our brains are not capable enough to keep all the details. We all are busy with the current day schedules and running behind them.

To conclude this, the memories you collect in your life are going to make you happy. You can see the details of the memories in the photos and videos you collected. The most important step is to watch it as frequently as possible and relive the happy movements.

I was fighting with myself that the appropriate topic for this speech is 'Memories', but ended up with 'What makes you happy?' which is a catchy one :)